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Chocolate Bonanzas

I tried to post this last night but I'm having horrible problems getting onto blogger with my computer.  So, I am now using my daughter's laptop.  Yesterday was National Chocolate Caramel Day.  We will now be celebrating it today!

These candies are delicious and so simple to make.  You can add any type of nut you want to and also anything else that peaks your interest, i.e., raisins, coconut, etc.  Make sure you decrease some of the other ingredients or increase the caramel ingredients.

Irish Soda Bread

I found this recipe in a newspaper at least 25 years ago and have made it too many times to count.  The reason I was interested in this particular recipe is because it didn't have caraway seeds in it.  Now you can find many recipes without it, back then it was harder.  Of course, you could always add caraway seeds to this recipe if you want to.
The casserole dish that I bake my Irish Soda Bread in is 34 years old.  Yikes!  I was living on my own and working in Burlington.  One day a truck pulled into the parking lot and was selling all kinds of household items.  I bought a huge box of different shape casserole dishes (most of which I still have) and lots of other things.  I wish I could remember how much all of that cost.  I do know that it was extremely cheap, which was good for me as I was probably making $3 or $4 per hour way back then.
This Irish Soda Bread is phenomenal.  I make it many times during the year, not just for St. Patrick's Day.  Once you make it, you will proba…

Magic Bars with a Twist

Today is National Potato Chip Day.  To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to throw potato chips into a bar that already has a lot of ingredients for a salty/sweet goody.

Traci's Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake is my favorite dessert.  It was also my niece, Traci's.  Traci died in an automobile accident at 18 years old.  I miss her every day.  She was a beautiful, vibrant girl and it's hard to imagine God's plan for her. I can see her up in Heaven taking charge of all the young ones and having a good time.  Traci was always great with kids.  I should know.  My kids adored her.