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Chocolate Cannoli Bites

Oreo Cookie & Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcake

Thanks to my friend, Robyn Gray, I saw this on Facebook.  I immediately passed it onto Ryan (who thinks Oreos are the bees knees) and knew that I would be making it sooner rather than later.  I've always said there are two flavor combinations that are my favorite:  mint and chocolate and peanut butter and chocolate.  Adding Oreo cookies to the mix just makes it that much better. The hardest part, and by that I don't really mean hard, but time-consuming, is adding the brownie batter to the cookies.  Other than that, you will complete these in no time at all.  If you need a baked good right away, then pull out these three simple things:  Oreo cookies, peanut butter and a brownie mix.  You won't be sorry (and neither will those who eat them)!