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Crock Pot Spiced Nuts

Have you ever bought hot nuts from a street vendor in New York City?  It's the best!  My daughter, Megan, LOVES nuts, especially sugar-coated ones.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and I made a few changes here and there.  I won't say it's the fastest way to make these type of nuts, but it certainly is easy.  Make sure you are going to be home for several hours, though.

Strawberry Loaf

This is one of the quickest breads to mix together.  As long as you know ahead of time that you are going to make it, you can pull out the frozen strawberries to defrost.  I found this recipe in the newspaper over 30 years ago.  I love strawberries so I thought it would be something interesting to try.  It is certainly a different way to use strawberries in a baked good.  I love that it makes two loafs and I don't have to double the recipe.  If you go strawberry picking, make sure you save some for this bread.   Place 20 oz of strawberries in a freezer zip-lock bag and store until ready to use.