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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Recipe number two from Lauren Chattman's "Mom's Big Book of Cookies".  These are nice and chewy.  Enjoy!

White House Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last weekend I took Ryan for a overnight college visit to Wells College in Aurora, NY.  We got there earlier than we needed to so we could explore the area.  The first town we went to was Ithica.  We went there because that is the only place in the entire area that has a mall.  It seems that Ryan needed to buy a pair of pants for her college visit.  I would have rather driven by Cornell University instead of shopping at Sears, but these things happen when you have a teen.  One of the places we ended up was a used book store. While Ryan bought Animal Farm by George Orwell, I went the more fun route. I purchased "Mom's Big Book of Cookies - 200 Family Favorites You'll Love Making and Your Kids Will Love Eating" by Lauren Chattman.  I looked the book up on Amazon from my phone and it looked like I was getting a really good deal.  On top of that, it looked brand new.  Not to mention, the recipes really caught my eye.  I knew I wanted to make most of them.  I told Ryan th…