Sunday, February 12, 2012

Candy Cane Valentine

If you're like me,  you might have a lot of candy canes left over from Christmas.  Or, you might wait until they are 90% off and pay next to nothing for a box.  I think I paid 20 cents for 44 candy canes.  I love being able to take one thing and use it for another.  All you need to make this heart is two candy canes and red ribbon.  I hot glued the top and bottom of the candy cane. Then I tied a ribbon and curled the ends and glued it to the front of the heart.  I took another piece of ribbon, made a loop and tied the bottom and glued it to the back.  That's it!  Cute!

February 20, 2013

Here is my patriotic version.  Some friends of mine helped me make over 100 of these last night to hand out at the  Veteran's Breakfast that will be held March 2nd in Pepperell, MA.  My daughter, Megan and I organized a little variety show for the Veterans.  Megan and her sister, Ryan will be dancing along with a lot of their dance friends.  There will be a few other acts as well.  We appreciate everything our Veteran's and military families do for us and we just want to give back a little.


  1. adorable! how bout put a candy corn "bee" on it and a note that says "Bee Mine"? Except I can never do that because I eat the candy corn ;-)

  2. Congratulations, Moragh, you are my FIRST poster!!!! I've never seen a candy corn made into a bee. Do you have to add anything to it?

  3. Great blog Peggy - professional! This candy cane decoration is so cute. Unfortunately they don't really celebrate valentines day in Paris.

  4. Thanks, Linda, I'll wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. I suppose you could celebrate even if your neighbors don't :)