Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Caramel Crisp - Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!!  I made a Halloween version of my Caramel Crisp (check out the original recipe here) for my work today.  Everyone loved it.  I used chopped Butter Fingers and Reeses Pieces for the candies.  I added food coloring to the white chips (it seized up in the microwave so I added a little bit of vegetable oil and put it back into microwave and it was okay, but still a little thick.  Since I could not drizzle it with a fork, I put it in a pastry bag and used a ribbon tip)  After drizzling the milk and white chocolate over the top, I topped it all off with some Halloween sprinkle decorations.  The funny thing is the only containers I had to put it in were Christmas.  Nothing like mixing two holidays together :)

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