Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bake-and-Take Cupcakes

I have this idea pinned on my Cool Ideas bulletin board on Pinterest.  It is such a great idea, that I have already used it twice.  The first time was for Megan's guests to take leftover cupcakes home from her 16th birthday party.   The second time was for a bake sale.  It is perfect for a bake sale.

You will need a 9-oz, clear-plastic solo cup, 4" x 9.5" bag, twist tie or ribbon.

Here is a really cool tip:  Place an undecorated cupcake into the cup.  Fill a decorating bag with large tip with frosting.  Frost cupcake while it is in the cup.  Try not to touch the edge of the cup.

Place cup into a bag.  Close with twist tie or a pretty ribbon.

It also makes it really convenient to transport your cupakes to where they need to go!

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